What Clients Say

What Clients Say 

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege to work with a lovely and diverse group of clients from all over the U.S. and Europe.

Below are reflections from some of them.

Literally the best reading I have ever had. The information that came through was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and resonated deeply with me.

—S. F., Atlanta, GA

Holy wow, was that spot on. I will reread frequently once I can stop crying—it makes complete sense to me. So, so glad I thought to book a session with Thea. It always helps.

—N.K., Oakland, CA

Thea is the real deal. I experience her as a true channel of the Divine. I cherish my reading from the Guides, and I am so grateful I was guided to Thea’s work.

—Paula Marie Simon, Rochester, Minnesota

I’m happy to recommend Thea Sullivan’s work. She is a written channel offering high-level, personalized guidance that I have found to be supportive and accurate.


Paul Selig, internationally known psychic, medium, and author

My reading with Thea and the Guides was so, so, so beautiful. The guidance was like a love letter from my highest self. I will treasure this message for a very long time because, like many of us I’m sure, I forget how far I’ve come. So, thank you, sweet Thea, for this gift.

—K.E., Chicago, IL

Thea, the guidance you sent me was deeply supportive and shifting in a gentle beautiful way in really big and difficult moment. I am so glad spirit connected me to you.

—K.M., Oakland, CA

I’ve ‘checked in’ with psychics for decades, so I have a very good sense of who is gifted and who is not. I recently had a reading with Thea and the response was so pointed, so perfect in multiple ways. She is truly connected to her Guides. Don’t doubt it.

—J.S., Sonoma, CA

I have had several sessions with Thea and the Guides, and they’ve helped me during tough times. It feels comforting to get the sense that there are wise beings in unseen realms that care, and Thea is really kind and empathic as well.

—JH.N., Copenhagen, Denmark

Where do I begin? Thea and her Guides are like nothing else I have ever experienced. I was stuck and needed some answers as to why. Boy, did I get my answers and then some!


I am so grateful to Thea and her kind, gentle, wise and loving Guides for helping me to get clear and to change many perspectives in my life. It was really the BEST Christmas present I have ever received!!!

—Judy Moen, Florida

I could not have been more surprised, shocked, and thrilled with the reading I had with Thea. The session was outrageously positive and helpful.

Her guidance not only clarified many things for me, it also provided an inner resource for me that I was not previously aware of. It helped initiate my road map for where I want to go next, and will define a major choice point in my journey! Thank you!

—L.B., Kansas City, MO

I found Thea’s way of working to be concise, simple and profound, and the guidance very helpful. It validated a quiet inner knowingness, deepened my sense of peace, and gave me courage to trust what is unfolding.

—S. D., Encinitas, CA

The session with Thea surpassed my already high expectations. She shares her gifts with so much warmth, it was like meeting a dear old friend. I felt heard, understood and seen.


About the reading itself. Within the first sentence the tears began and continued as I took in every word. The Guides addressed the core of the matter so deeply that I felt myself as Soul while the human in me was completely embraced. I felt cradled in love.


The messages continue to breathe and resonate as if a radio is playing, and every time I read more is revealed. It’s so powerful, so supportive and exactly what I needed.


—A.N., Denver, Colorado

I can’t properly express how helpful the guidance I received from Thea was. It put words to experiences I’ve been having for years. I’ve read it no fewer than 25 times.

For me, it provided the impetus for many changes now taking shape in my life. It confirmed certain held understandings and put names to ones already felt but which had been difficult to hold. It was ideal.

—A. B., San Francisco, CA


My heart is so full after our session, and I feel a deep unwinding of the tension and fear of making a ‘big mistake’. The validation here is exactly what I needed.

The process felt very grounded and matter of fact, and the guidance was genuine, specific and universally true.  Thea’s professionalism and ease of access to higher wisdom are of very high quality. Thank you from the depth of my heart for this gift!

—V.C, Evergreen, CO

I was and am so profoundly moved by your reading. I often found myself having to pause for crying, even sobbing at times. There was not one line you channeled that I didn’t love and recognize as of my own inner knowing—every one rang true.


What moved me so deeply must have been the overwhelming vibrational Presence accompanying the reading. It felt as though countless Graced beings were surrounding me as I read. Wow. Amazingly powerful and so deeply sweet, kind, and loving, that collective energy, beyond description, so deeply appreciated.


Thank you for your beautiful, ineffable offering.


—R. M., Redwood City, CA

The guidance I received from Thea was a beautiful confirmation of what I have been feeling intuitively in my own life, and she presented it in a way that was simple and yet profound.

I feel more attuned and opened to my highest potential after receiving this guidance, and I am grateful for all of the beautiful reminders that it presented. Thank you, Thea, for this lovely opportunity to see myself with such love and clarity, and to rest in the arms of Spirit.

—J.S., Boulder, CO

Since I received my reading with the Guides, I trust anything and everything going on in my life. And when I waver, I get the reading back out and remind myself. I feel lighter and more in sync with allowing Spirit to work in me and through me. I don’t worry as much about the “what ifs.” Thank you, Thea, from the bottom of my soul for your part in birthing my new attitude. Your love and compassion shines through in the gift you have been given. Thank you, once again.

—S.W., Kansas City, MO

I was truly stunned by the advice Thea brought through for me. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced from tarot card readers, astrologers or the like. The guidance felt very personal to me and what I was going through, even down to specific words and references to my own private thoughts and life. That was uncanny. Their words were so thorough and made me feel deeply seen and supported.


I’d been going through a very difficult time, and the guidance has provided me a profound sense of calm and understanding about how things are unfolding in my life. It has eased my anxiety hugely, and in the best way—without promising future events or making me hold my breath for signs, but just through reassurance that I’m seen and supported and loved and things will be okay. That I can trust. And yet it was not generic! It was not simple platitudes or advice that could be applicable to anyone.


Thea herself was so sensitive and open to what I wanted to ask and truly made me feel like she listened and cared about my personal situation and experience. Talking to her before and after the guidance was extremely helpful as their words were a little intense! Good intense, but it’s very definitely a communication with a spiritual energy and that’s a lot to absorb. She answered my questions about her work and the guides with patience and openness. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough! It was truly a gift to receive these words and to connect with Thea’s kindness and abilities.


—P.R., Austin, TX

Dear Thea, I simply can’t thank you enough for providing this amazing service!! This reading helped me move through and learn from this lesson so quickly. Such a beautiful reminder that whatever we heal within ourselves we are healing in the collective. So grateful to you!

—Nahala Miller, San Francisco CA

I had never had an intuitive reading before a friend recommended Thea. The whole process unfolded naturally and resulted in unexpected insights that helped me make sense of my situation. It helped me get through a significant crisis in my life.

—K.A., Oakland, CA

Thea, thank you and your guides for yesterday’s reading. It brought tears to my eyes. It helped form the words I was missing and reassured me of my direction in life.

—S. H., Santa Fe, NM

This is my second session with Thea over the past year and I’m at a loss for words. For me, her guidance comes from the Divine. The answers I received went way beyond what I was thinking and landed in a much deeper part of my soul.


I’m so grateful for her guidance. She brings no judgment to the table and I appreciate her patience with allowing me to just talk. After reading the Guides’ message a few times, I’ve walked away with life lessons I can’t ever forget. Thank you, Thea.


—T. G., Bronx, New York

When I first read the guidance I felt a peace and almost as if it is something I knew but had never allowed myself to believe or hear. I really needed some time to process and wanted to revisit later./span>

I’ve read it multiple times and I am so grateful for the way it is worded and allows me to own my own power. This is a new validation of work I have been doing to move forward in my life in a new way.

—S. Q., Ketchum, ID


The information provided by my intuitive reading with Thea was insightful, sophisticated, and kind. It pointed me squarely in the direction where I need to do my work, clarified cause and effect, and gave me a perspective on a lifelong pattern of which I had some knowledge yet wasn’t making much progress addressing.

Thea’s reading showed how that pattern underlay the disparate issues I had brought to the table, and gave me what I needed to get traction on where I was stuck. The higher wisdom Thea accesses, combined with her own compassionate intelligence and experience, provided clear guidance and strong support. I am grateful to have them as a resource!

—E.L., Hailey, ID

WOW, Thea! You (and your guides) are amazing! I have to tell you, I had to take a nap after our session and felt really wiped out for several hours afterward. I took it as a good sign, a physical manifestation of what was going on energetically, emotionally and spiritually. THEN I read your writings. WOW. I have to take time to digest the recommendations. It is intense and wonderful all at once.


—K.F., San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The guidance that Thea provided to me in response to my questions was clear, coherent and unequivocal. The wisdom transcended the noise and clatter of day-to-day reality and got to the soul-centered heart of the matter. It helped to clarify what was actually going on from the perspective of my own growth.

—B.S., San Francisco, CA

The guidance I’ve received through Thea has been profoundly useful in helping me look deeply at my own journey and growth, and to deal with situations I’m facing in my life.

I love that the Guides don’t give pat answers, but instead offer succinct philosophical musings that somehow point me exactly to the heart of what I need to look at to be able to best deal with a situation or decision. I’ve found their wisdom to be wonderfully comforting and inspiring for me to keep evolving in my relationship to myself, my Higher Self, and my loved ones.

—M.P.K., San Diego, CA

The channeling Thea did for me was exceptional, really incredible. The Guides’ encouraging messages have helped me move on in my life enormously.


—B. V., Brussels, Belgium

At the first the guidance wasn’t entirely clear to me, but a follow-up conversation with Thea really helped me to grasp the message I received. I’ve been going back to the “answer” every couple of days, and every time I reread it, something new pops out. Each time I think, “A-ha! Now I see it!”

—D. K, Los Angeles, CA

What I received from Thea was clear and gently direct and every part of my being felt and knew the perfection in the guidance given. I felt heard and seen and very loved and honored.

The empowering affirmations that came through from the Guides are also very helpful and make it easy for me to support myself regularly. Thank you. I am so grateful for this guidance and support.

—C.N, Evergreen, CO

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