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All About Intuitive Readings

with clairaudient & channel

Thea Sullivan

Please note: this page is about remote readings. For in-person sessions, please visit my Energy Healing Sessions page.

As an intuitive and clairaudient, it is my privilege to bring through a channeled message for you from the Guides, the collective spiritual energy I’ve worked with for over 25 years. I’d love for you to experience the powerful Divine Love, comfort, soul recognition, clarity of purpose, and practical higher wisdom that a reading with the Guides provides.

Read on to learn more about the readings I offer—how they work, what makes them special, and what my clients say about them. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Holy wow, was that spot on. I will reread frequently once I can stop crying—it makes complete sense to me. So, so glad I thought to book a session with Thea. It always helps.


—N.K., Oakland, CA

What Makes My Readings Special


A reading from the Guides offers so much more than just answers to your immediate questions —although you will get that. You’ll also receive a direct, personal reminder of your deep Divine significance, your soul’s direction, and the unique importance of your particular human path—all of which can transform the way you feel about yourself and experience your life in powerful ways.


You never have to worry about listening to a recording or referring to notes to remember what was said. Instead, your message from the Guides is a written document, available to download, print, and save, and always available for you to reference and reread as many times as you like. Many of my clients refer back to their Guide messages over a period of years!


People often find themselves weeping in relief when they read their message from the Guides. Why? Because they can feel the genuine, profound love for them that comes through the words, and it’s something they’ve always longed to feel. The Guides communicate in energy as well as in writing, so your  keepsake document becomes a source of that Divine Love frequency to revisit and draw comfort from, again and again.


The message you’ll receive from the Guides is always each reading’s “main event.” But I also build in time and space for you to talk through what’s on your mind, where you’re wanting guidance, and how you’re feeling. Many of my clients find that just being listened to in a deeply intuitive, compassionate way relieves a lot of their suffering and provides new clarity, even before the Guides get a chance to weigh in.

What You’ll Take Away

After you and I talk over what’s going on for you and where you’d like guidance, you’ll receive a direct, personal, and profound transmission in writing from the Guides with the best, most meaningful, and most inspiring answers for you in the moment.

You’ll come away with:

  • Immediate stress relief
  • A new sense of well being and comfort
  • Clarity on how to move forward in the highest and best way
  • Insight into the deeper soul significance of your situation
  • An awareness of your growth themes and what you are learning
  • A reminder of how loved and cherished you are by Spirit
  • A glimpse into the grander Reality of which we are all a part


I hope you will decide to give yourself the gift of a reading with the Guides!

Thea is the real deal. I experience her as a true channel of the Divine.


—Paula Marie S., Rochester, MN

How Intuitive Readings Work

This section explains the nuts and bolts of my intuitive readings: how long they take, how they’re structured, and which one is right for you. If you’re looking for more background, check out the FAQs.

All sessions are by phone or video call, with written guidance emailed to you in printable keepsake form.

All-Inclusive Intuitive Reading


This multi-part in-depth session is perfect for NEW CLIENTS and is also an ideal choice for repeat clients who haven’t had a session in a long time or who are looking for an in-depth experience. The spacious format allows us to connect, really dive into your questions, and do some transformative energy work along the way. It’s a little more expensive, but totally worth it! See what other clients have to say here!

The ALL-INCLUSIVE READING goes like this:

1.  Initial phone call. You share what’s going on for you and where you need guidance. I listen carefully and together we frame your questions for the Guides. Then I lead you through a powerful energy-clearing guided meditation, which puts you in a calm, clear, spacious, and centered state of being. This takes 40-45 minutes in all.

2.  Guided writing. After we hang up, I tune into the Guides and receive guidance just for you. That’s when the magic happens! When I’m done, I email you a PDF keepsake copy for you to read, print, and refer back to over time.

3.  Follow-up call. Within the same week or so, we talk again. That’s when you get to ask me about anything that’s unclear, receive coaching as needed, and get support in translating the guidance into action. This takes about 30 minutes.

Your total time commitment is about an hour and fifteen minutes divided between two phone calls, whereas I spend at least two hours total on your questions.

Standard Intuitive Reading


This option is great for RETURNING CLIENTS who’ve already done the All-Inclusive Reading or just need a check-in, or for new folks who want a less in-depth option. Despite the shorter length, you will still get a powerful transmission from the Guides!

The base price for the standard session is $100, which entitles you to an hour of my time. This involves a phone call to discuss your questions and then the written guidance. We can always add more time as necessary.

A typical standard reading involves a 15- to 30-minute call. I spend the rest of the hour on your guidance, and if there’s time left over, we can do a quick follow-up coaching call.

Additional time can be added as needed.

Energy Re-Set

The Energy Re-Set is a quick and affordable remote check-in offering energetic clearing and a reminder of who you really are and why you are here.

In a 45-minute phone or video session, Thea uses her intuitive abilities to help you return to the peace of your own knowing and feel loved by Spirit. Each session results in an audio recording of a customized guided meditation you can use again and again to come back to your most connected Self.

Which One is Right for You?

All-Inclusive Session


A powerful 2-part intuitive reading plus energy work.
45-minute initial call
3-5 questions
Energy Clearing Meditation
5-7 pages written guidance
30-minute follow-up call

Standard Session


A more condensed intuitive reading.
20-30 minute call
2-3 questions
4-6 pages written guidance
Great for single issues
or reassuring check-ins

Energy Re-Set


A way to shift your energy and reconnect to your deepest Self.
60-minute call
Customized meditation
and/or guided visualization
based on your specific needs
Divine support and energetic shifts

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