All About Energy Sessions

All About Energy Healing Sessions

with clairaudient & channel

Thea Sullivan

There is nothing quite like the power of in-person energetic work to really create profound change on the deepest level. The Guides tell us over and over again: our energy, our vibration, is where the action really is!

Read on to learn more about the energy sessions I offer in Ojai, CA—how they work, what makes them special, and what my clients say about them. Then contact me to book a session. I can’t wait to work with you!

Please note: this page is about in-person Energy Healing Sessions. For remote intuitive readings, please visit my Intuitive Readings page.


It’s hard to articulate what happens when Thea does her work. It’s a swirl of quietude, release, guidance, support, and compassion. Thea seems to effortlessly draw in her spiritual power to aid others.


And there’s something greater, a presence or an energy that accompanies her, that has allowed me to release old wounds and tap into my own power in ways that seemed to elude me before. I left feeling sure of myself and at home in my own body in a way I haven’t felt in years. And much to my surprise that effect has lasted—it wasn’t just a temporary state of relaxation!


Working with Thea is a remarkable experience. Her warmth and sincerity create an environment of trust and comfort that is so essential in the healing process. I would recommend Thea to anyone looking for a transformative healing experience with a truly gifted healer.


—Liz B., Oxnard, CA

What Makes These Sessions Special


Energy healing can address concerns on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual—in a direct, immediate way. You don’t even have to know what needs healing most—your session will be guided by Spirit, and what needs to come up will, in ways that are often surprising and always powerful!


My clients report palpable changes after their sessions—physical pain disappearing, emotional suffering lightening, a fresh perspective on a situation, or a more powerful sense of self taking root. These concrete shifts can last long after the session is over.


During energy sessions, I use Reiki healing to bring universal spiritual energy into your body and energy field, placing my hands on or over various spots and energy centers on your body. As I do this, I also use intuition and clairaudience (“inner hearing”) to receive messages, images, and higher spiritual perspective on whatever’s going on for you. This simultaneous use of of hands-on work and channeling is a potent mix that makes way for profound shifts.


Energy work is a palpable way to feel the profound frequency of love that exists for you and within you from the Divine. Soothing music, Reiki, and channeled words and imagery all combine to bring that nurturing energy in and help you anchor it into your field—where you can revisit and draw comfort it from again and again.


It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of being human and feel dragged down by events or experiences. My energy sessions lift you above the struggle and reawaken you to your larger soul purpose. This tangible reminder of your spiritual identity acts as a balm and a battery recharge, allowing you to re-enter your life with a new sense of lightness, clarity, and renewed inspiration.


The experience you have on the table is always the session’s main event. But I also make space for you to talk through what’s on your mind, what you’re wanting to shift, and how you’re feeling. Many of my clients find that just being listened to relieves a lot of suffering and provides new clarity, even before the energetic magic starts to happen.

What You’ll Take Away

After you and I talk over what’s going on for you and where you need healing, I’ll get you on the massage table, where you’ll experience a gentle, unique, and personalized process of intuitive healing as described above.

You’ll come away with:

  • Immediate stress relief.
  • A palpable sense of well being, comfort, and connectedness.
  • Unique images, scenes, or symbols encoded with healing.
  • A glimpse into the deeper soul significance of your situation.
  • Emotional, spiritual, mental, and/or physical shifts—often noticed immediately!
  • A reminder of how loved and cherished you are by Spirit.
  • A reminder of the grander Reality of which we are all a part, and your unique role in it.


I hope you will decide to give yourself the gift of an Energy Healing Session with me!

I had the most incredible experience in my session with Thea. Her contact with the spirit world is very real and her intuition was continuously spot on and helpful.


I was able to confront difficult emotions and release traumas while feeling completely safe and held energetically. I was surprised and blown away and eager to recommend a session with Thea to anyone in need of healing.


—S. O., Ojai, CA

Where Are Sessions Held?

My in-person sessions are held at Soul Body Ojai, a lovely wellness and yoga right in the center of downtown Ojai. It’s a quiet, peaceful, nurturing space that’s the perfect stage for gentle but deep inner transformation.

Soul Body is located at 206 N. Signal Street at the corner of Matilija. That’s just a block from the Arcade and close to many shops and restaurants. There is plenty of free parking available.

I look forward to seeing you there!

I am so grateful for my session with Thea. She created a sacred space to facilitate the healing I was ready for. By the time I got home for our session, my pain was gone. I look forward to future sessions with Thea.


—Tisha Morris, Ojai, CA

What Else Do I Need to Know?

This section explains the practical details of my in-person energy sessions: how long they take, how they’re structured, and how to book. You can learn more about Reiki healing and how it works here.

Your Session Will Include


1.  Initial check-in. We sit together, you share what’s going on for you and where you need guidance, and I listen carefully. Together we set an intention for the session. Then I call in the Guides and our spiritual helpers to be present and assist us in the session’s healing.

2.  Energy clearing meditation. With relaxing ambient music playing, I lead you through my signature energy-clearing guided meditation, which puts you in a calm, clear, spacious, and centered state of being, ready to get on the table and receive the energy work.

3.  Reiki healing. You hop up on the massage table (fully clothed) and I do some more clearing work on your energy field and then begin the hands-on healing (Reiki). You may feel tingling, warmth, heat from my hands, and/or a sense of energy moving in different ways through your body. You will typically enter a pleasant state of deep relaxation, or “theta” state, where you may feel like you’re floating or drifting.

4.  Intuitive images and/or messages. While I’m doing Reiki, I receive images, words, phrases, or other intuitive information for you. I relay these to you as they come and we work with them together to understand their significance and further the healing experience. (If you prefer Reiki only, without this added element, that’s perfectly fine too!)

5.  Anchoring. At the end of the session, I use a simple technique to seal or anchor the newly received energies and awareness into your energy field to help you hold onto it after the session is over.

How Long it Takes


You can choose a 60, 75, or 90-minute session. The longer sessions allow for deeper relaxation and more in-depth healing, but the one-hour is powerful too!

Can We Work Remotely?


If you can’t get to Ojai, I offer remote energy healing work also. In my phone sessions, I listen to what’s going on with you, lead you through an energy clearing process, offer a customized meditation based on your needs in the moment, and bring through energetic shifts. You’ll leave the session feeling centered and renewed, with a powerful reminder of who you really are and why you are here.

I also offer remote Reiki sessions where I can send healing energy to you or your loved ones, no matter how far away. To learn more about remote energy work options, message me via my Contact Page.


Feeling lost or alone? Need more clarity and reassurance? How about a life-changing “Love letter from Spirit”? (That’s what one client calls the powerful written messages of guidance that Thea brings through.)


You can learn more about Intuitive Readings with Thea  here.

Which One is Right for You?

90-minute Energy Session


The best option for the deepest in-person experience.
Compassionate Listening
Energy Clearing Meditation
Intuitive Guidance
Hands-on Healing
Divine Assistance & Clarity

60-minute Energy Session


A more condensed but still powerful in-person session.
Compassionate Listening
Energy Clearing Meditation
Intuitive Guidance
Hands-on Healing
Divine Assistance & Clarity

60-minute remote option


Energetic healing wherever you are.
60 minute session
Compassionate listening
Customized meditation
and/or guided visualization
based on your specific needs

Ready to Book?


To schedule your Energy Healing Session


Please contact me via my online form

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I can’t wait to hear from you!