Meet Thea

Meet Thea

Hi friends!

I am so happy you found me! And I’m happy to tell you more about me, so you can get to know me a little bit.

Spiritual work, inner work, personal growth—whatever you want to call it—is intimate stuff, and it’s so important to find people along the way who you can trust. Whether you’re looking for answers to questions or just someone to witness and affirm where you are, it has to feel right.

I know this, because I’ve been on an intense path of personal and spiritual growth since my twenties, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of some very loving, kind, and wise people along the way, whether therapists or psychics or teachers or friends. I was lucky enough to have the Guides, too, whispering in my ear (although I didn’t always listen to them at first; you can read more about that journey here).

This page is for you to get a feel for me as a real person. If you’d prefer to jump right to my credentials instead, check out my Official Bio page.

Me and Bear

Who Am I?

Swimming with my glasses on, Vermont, 1970

I’m a writer and a teacher, a wife and a mom, a native of Connecticut and a California local (30 years and counting). I have a husband and kid I adore, and a sweet, slightly anxious Labradoodle named Bear. I love to hike and swim and go on road trips. I play guitar (not very well) and bake when I’m bored.

I am also the youngest of three siblings, and growing up I was the “over-sensitive” one, the one who had too many feelings and couldn’t find satisfying answers from the adults around me for the big questions of life. For a long time, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

Studying literature helped a bit. Writing helped a LOT. At some point, I found therapy, and I would end up spending decades plumbing the depths and analyzing my past and uncovering and releasing old patterns, and it would be brutally hard at times but also wonderfully freeing and transformative.


Help from the Guides

In my twenties, I found spirituality. I gorged on the spiritual buffet that was 1990s San Francisco, going to workshops and consulting mediums and reading title after title from my favorite metaphysical bookstore. The world began to seem more magical, more full of possibility, as a result, and then one day when I was twenty-six I sat down to do some creative writing and instead ended up transcribing words that dropped down into my consciousness from somewhere else. That day would change my life, although I didn’t know it the time.

It would take many years for my guided writing—or channeling, to use the more common term—to become something I truly trusted and embraced and then shared with others.

In the meantime, I taught English and creative writing to people of all ages and did a bunch of my own writing, too, some of which got published. If you’d like, you can read some of my work at

Notebooks filled with guidance

Empathy & Gratitude

Me and the family, visiting the spot where we got married

Now, in my intuitive and coaching work, my mission is to provide transformative higher guidance while also empathizing with my clients in their real, lived human experience. Unlike some spiritual practitioners, I don’t believe we need to, or should, “transcend” our human feelings. To learn from them, yes. To bless and release them, yes. To gain some distance and perspective and even equanimity, absolutely. But not to expect to float on some rarified cloud of bliss. We are here to be human and that’s a beautiful thing. 

To wrap this up, I am excited about the wisdom of the Guides and what it means for all of us and our human existence. I love my clients. I love my work. I love teaching and coaching, and I love helping people get in touch with their own inner wisdom, their own intuition.

Looking back now I can see how everything in my life, everything I’ve learned and experienced, has prepared me for my work now. All the questions, all the growth, all the deep listening—it was all an initiation, an apprenticeship. I’m thrilled and grateful to do this work, and I’m honored to share it with you.

I truly look forward to connecting with you, whether bringing you answers from the Guides, offering you coaching, supporting you on your journey of inner growth, or helping you develop and tap into the amazing power of your own intuition!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Much LOVE to you,

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