What Energy Clients Say

What Clients Say About Energy Sessions 

Interested an in-person Energy Healing Session with Thea? Here’s what previous clients have said.

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I loved receiving an extended energy-work session from Thea.

I immediately felt the deeply sacred space that was held and the safety for me to go deep and allow my own process of release. I strongly felt warmth and energy movement that was comforting and expansive and at one point there was a presence that Thea described as a goddess figure, perhaps my own highest self. That early evening I passed out hours earlier than my normal bedtime and awoke the next day feeling light. Thereafter I have really enjoyed tuning into my highest self when I am feeling like I need guidance. A lovely enduring part of the session has been this deepening of my own higher power.

—Allassandra Rhody, Ojai, CA

I am so grateful for my session with Thea. She created a sacred space to facilitate the healing I was ready for. By the time I got home from our session, my pain was gone. I look forward to future sessions with Thea.

—Tisha Morris, Ojai, CA

I highly recommend Thea’s work as a channel of compassionate guides and teachers— and as a gifted teacher in her own right. Her sessions have offered me an efficient and effective method of realigning to my higher self, while showing me how graceful that process can be.

I always feel very openhearted after I work with Thea. I feel— and not just think—that everything, even every difficult thing, is going to be all right. I feel genuine relief.

—G. K., Santa Barbara, CA

I have worked with a good number of intuitives over the years, but there are very few that I return to. I always come back to Thea.


—John. O, San Diego, CA

I have not had experience with energy healing prior to my session with Thea. Going into it, I was not attached to any particular outcome, other than to get an emotional break after processing through some childhood trauma.

Thea was extremely gentle and very kind. I was immediately at peace and comfortable sharing my neglected pain. Thea creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. She listened compassionately and together we came to a new focus of healing.

—Michelle G., Ventura, CA

What Clients Say

The energy healing session I had with Thea provided me with the insight I needed but could not reach on my own. I felt relaxed, centered and supported during our session and the guidance continues to help me move forward today. It was illuminating.

—K.V.M., Weston, CT

Thea is the real deal. I experience her as a true channel of the Divine.


—Paula Marie Simon, Rochester, MN

I’ve worked with Thea in numerous ways over the last few years and always walk away feeling deeply heard, enlightened, and energized. In particular, I had an energy session with her that left me feeling “magically” lighter and universally supported.

When the storm clouds gather over your psyche, Thea can help lift them up and away. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

—Jenn R., Berkeley, CA

My session with Thea was amazing! I felt like I was on a different spiritual plane as she worked on me intuitively and brought a special energy to the room. I wasn’t familiar with energy work, and Thea made me feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole experience.

The session helped me learn that I am loved and unique, that I am a spiritual being and human all at once, that I don’t have to be perfect, and that it’s OK to cry.

After the session, I felt lighter and more peaceful than I had in a very long time.

—Jenni D., San Rafael, CA

The experience was incredible and one I want to repeat again and again.


—Jenni D., San Rafael, CA

My session with Thea was enlightening. It was like pulling a curtain back and seeing a piece of myself that I always knew was there but could never quite actualize.

During the session, I felt a mixture of peace, comfort, and trust with a capital “T.” Her way of working is loving and empathetic. My time with Thea gave me a deeper sense of purpose and the knowing that I am a part of something much bigger than myself.

—J.D., Terra Linda, CA

What Clients Say

The powerful guidance and healing that I received through my sessions with Thea have quieted my incessant mental noise and lifted me above the distractions of my daily life. Her combination of compassionate guidance and quiet elevation helped me reorient toward my soul’s true north and remember why I am actually here.

I understand my struggles from a different perspective because of her guidance, the depth of which has only gotten more profound with time. The insights I’ve gained during my time with her have continued to offer truth and solace long after the sessions are over.

Also, the Reiki feels amazing!

—B.T., Ojai, CA

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