Lesson 2: Why Is It So Helpful to Develop Intuition?


Why is it So Helpful to Develop Intuition?


Now that we’ve defined what intuition is, let’s explore what it can do for us. This lesson looks at that question from a couple of different angles.


In the first part, we’ll explore how developing intuition can work on many practical fronts, including decision-making, relationships, and more.


But there’s an even deeper level. In the second part, I’ll discuss how connecting to intuition can help remind us that we are more than our human selves, that we are not alone, and that our souls have a plan for our lives—and all we have to do is listen.






On the most basic level, developing our intuition just makes life easier. By learning to read our own inner signals, we get better at making decisions. We hone in on what feels right to us more quickly and easily. We learn to worry less, analyze less, and quiet the mind’s endless circling and considering of options.


We learn to let go of control where necessary, learn to tune in to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the natural flow of events. We accept when the time is not right to know something or to decide on a particular course. We learn to allow and to receive, to go with the flow.


We may also get better at relationships. When we are tuned in to our own knowing, we are more relaxed in ourselves and better at relating to others. We can speak our own truth more easily and can more easily accept others as different from us while seeing them as equally valuable.


Often, accessing intuition means seeing new opportunities open up in our lives. We may be called to make changes, to create something new, to take a leap into a bigger future.


Finally, the intuitive journey often sets us on or accelerates a path of inner growth, bringing up places where we may need to do some emotional work. This part isn’t always easy, but it can be highly transformative and positive. When we stop fighting ourselves and let go into what wants to be healed or grieved—because we trust where our inner knowing is leading us—we move more quickly along the path of growth. And that benefits everyone—most of all ourselves.





We’ve seen how accessing our inner knowing can help us worry less, make better decisions, grow, and take exciting leaps in our lives. That’s a lot! But to truly understand the power and impact of intuition, we have to go even deeper.


We have to remember for a moment that we are spiritual Beings on a human journey. Our souls chose to incarnate here on Earth with a particular plan or contract, but according to the rules of human incarnation, we agreed to forget all of that pretty much as soon as we arrived. We agreed to sign on to an Earthly reality based, at least in large part, on separation from Source, on scarcity and duality. We forgot that we were aspects of God and Divine Beings with a noble purpose.


Instead, we came to see ourselves as limited humans in a dangerous world, feeling all too often scared, lost, alone, and unloved.


Enter the true power of intuition. Intuition is like a secret code hidden inside and all around us that holds the truth of who we are. When we learn to crack the code—when we learn to read the signs, decipher the clues, decode the mysterious language within us—we gradually begin to feel and remember who we really are and what we are doing here.


It can start just by saying yes to what we sense, bit by bit. By accessing our inner guidance and relying on it, we begin to realize the significance of actually HAVING inner guidance at all.




TRY IT: Take a moment to sit quietly, close your eyes, and relax your breathing. Then, just imagine opening up your energy field and saying “Yes.” Yes to your intuition, yes to whatever comes through, yes being guided by a benevolent force within yourself. Just sit with that, and see how it feels.




Do you see what I’m saying?

It’s kind of a big deal. What does it mean about us, about who we really are, if we have that kind of support? That kind of access to wisdom? That sense of direction, pattern, and purpose running underneath our lives?

Even if we don’t understand that pattern or purpose fully, even if we’re still figuring out what our direction is (and that can take quite a while, and it can keep changing), the FACT of our access to inner guidance is actually life-altering. It means that, regardless of what we may have been taught, we were not plunked here randomly. We are not “small.” We are not insignificant. On the contrary, we have an important reason for being. Our lives truly matter, even if we can’t see exactly how.


Our access to intuition means we are not alone. It means we are connected to something much greater than ourselves. It means that we are guided, led, accompanied, and even LOVED by a force beyond our conscious awareness. (And no, you don’t have to believe in “God” or the presence of Guides to trust your intuition. You can conceive of that benevolent source of wisdom and support however you want to—as your Higher Power, the Self, Buddha nature, the Universe, the Force, whatever. The key is that you let yourself feel the love, warmth, and guidance available to you, no matter how you define it, and that you let yourself relax into its support.)


In short, intuition is a doorway into the deeper truth of our existence, our significance, and our value as Beings. It is a golden thread by which we can navigate our lives by tracing the pattern our souls set out for us long ago and traveling along the journey of growth that is our true mission.


We won’t always know what we are doing or why. Rather than a thunderbolt, our inner knowing may develop like a Polaroid picture, gradually coming into focus. We may only get flashes and glimpses of the truth at times, along with a growing sense of satisfaction, rightness, and ease.


Above all, listening and letting go—the key skills of intuition—lead us to the actions and experiences we need to evolve, and to learn, and to come into our true Being. The point is to remember who we really Are, and to shine our Light from that place. The point is to be led, eventually, back Home, which is our natural state of unity, of Oneness, where we get to experience the peace that passes all understanding and the joyful acceptance of What Is. And from that place, we naturally come into service for the benefit of All.






Lesson Summary


Intuition has many powerful benefits in our ordinary lives, including greater ease in decision-making, more clarity in relationships, and the ability to open up to new opportunities in life with less anxiety. Tapping into inner knowing can also put on us on a path of powerful emotional growth. Most importantly, intuition is a doorway into the deeper truth of our existence, reminding us of our identity as souls on a human journey with important work to do.


Questions to Consider


Use your workbook pages or a separate notebook or journal to reflect on the following questions in writing:


  • Can you think of a time when following your intuition made your life easier? Or when not following your intuition made your life harder? When, and in what way?


  • Are there any decisions, dilemmas, or areas of your life now where you feel unclear, or where you’d like intuition or inner knowing to help you move forward?


  • To what extent do you already think of yourself as a soul on a human journey? How comfortable or uncomfortable is it to think of yourself and your life that way? When you perceive of yourself as a soul, how does it feel?