Introduction to Intuition: The Magic of Inner Listening

A self-paced online course with intuitive & coach

Thea Sullivan


Are you ready to listen more closely to your inner voice?

To embrace your gifts more fully?

To make significant changes in your life, or take a leap into a bigger future?

If you’re looking to access or strengthen your own intuition, my NEW online course, “Introduction to Intuition: The Magic of Inner Listening,” is a great way to do just that.

Why an Intuition Course?

Many think of intuition as something rare or specialized, something only certain people have access to, or a power that only shows up in times of great need.

But intuition is more ordinary and broader in scope than that—and in my opinion, that’s much more exciting. The awesome truth is, each and every one of us is intuitive. Each and every one of us has a wellspring of reliable guidance and wisdom inside us that we can tap into every day, starting right now.

Strengthening your intuition means you can:

    • Make better decisions with greater ease.
    • Quiet a circling mind.
    • Get clear about your direction and deeper purpose.
    • Relax into the natural flow of life.
    • Connect to spiritual support.
    • Feel safe and guided in an unsafe world.

It’s possible to see those benefits, and many more, just by learning to slow down, tune in, and trust your own unique inner signals. And I can help! In fact, it’s my total joy and my passion to do so!

Keep reading to learn more about the course, how it works, what it includes, and how to sign up. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Strengthen Your Intuition—

on your own time, at your own pace!

I’ve been a teacher forever, and I love in-person classes, small groups, big groups, even Zoom classes.

But the great thing about a self-guided course is that you can do it anywhere, any time, and on any device! You can go at your own pace and work through it however feels right to you—one lesson a week or a bunch at a time. Whatever works for you, and I’ll be there, too, with written, audio, and video content to guide you along.




8 written lessons, each answering a key question about intuition

Videos from Thea with insights and examples for each lesson

A 20+ page downloadable workbook

The Subtle Awareness audio meditation

Lots of practical tools and exercises to try right away

Unlimited access to all materials

What it looks like








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